Warranty and Cancelation Policy

Warranty and Cancelation Policy

Statement of Warranty: Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. warrants that for a period of one year from the date of initial shipment, all catalog products will be in full conformity with the electrical, mechanical, physical, and environmental specifications as listed in our product catalog. Lighthorse Techonolies, Inc’s liability under this warranty is limited to replacement or credit for material determined by Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. to be defective in material or workmanship. This warranty does not extend to any Lighthorse Technolies, Inc products which fail in operations or malfunction by reason of method of installation, application or inspection, or have been subject to misuse, neglect, or an accident, or have been repaired or substantially altered in any manner. All warranty claims must comply with the following conditions.

  • All claims must be made in writing to Lighthorse Technoloies, Inc within one year after the date of shipment.
  • All claims must include Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. invoice number, and shipping date (or date of invoice).

Upon receipt of eligibility claim, an authorization will be issued with instructions for returning merchandise to Lighthorse Technologies, Inc.
If the material is determined to be defective after following an inspection by Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. we will ship replacement material by freight prepaid, or issue credit.

*Credit for the material will be issued at the price invoiced.

Cancelations/Terminations/Returns: All cancellations, terminations, or changes of acknowledged orders must be in writing and have written approval from Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. Written cancellations must be submitted two (2) weeks in advance and be approved by Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. Returns are subject to inspection by Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. Returns and ca

Semi-Custom and Custom Designs: If you do not find the exact connector configuration you need, please call us. We may have already produced what you need for another customer. If not, we will work with you to provide the connectors you need, according to your specifications, and with the best possible price, quality, and delivery.

Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. is an RF connector and cable assembly company manufacturer located in San Diego California with factories in Taiwan. We manufacture a full range of quality RF connectors with MC Cards, MMCX, MCX, SMA, SSMB, SMC, BNC, TNC, N, F, Mini UHF, UHF, and 7/16 interfaces. Out connectors and cable assemblies have a multitude of commercial applications like cellular telephones, wireless LAN’s, advanced automotive electronics, and satellite and navigation systems. There are also defense applications in radars, missile systems EW and surveillance. All of our components conform to quality assurance standards as well as applicable industry quality standards and military specifications. As a growing company, Lighthorse Technologies strives continually to assure customer satisfaction by providing the best possible quality and price for its products. Our goal and pledge are to provide our customers with consistently reliable products and services, from the inception of an idea to the shipment of the finished product.