About Us

About Us


LTI’s RF connectors and custom RF cable assemblies serve a multitude of commercial wireless applications such as cellular telephones, wireless LAN, advanced automotive electronics, and satellite and navigation systems. Our RF connectors and RF cable assemblies also serve defense applications in radars, missile systems, EW, and surveillance.


Our custom RF coax cable assemblies and connectors serve a multitude of technological wireless applications such as Zigbee, RFID, WiMax, Wi-Fi, MIMO, UWB, Bluetooth, and GPS. All of LTI’s RF connectors conform to ISO:9001 quality assurance standards as well as applicable industry quality standards and military specifications.


LTI’s coax connectors comply with FCC part 15 and MIL-C-39012 regulations. Lighthorse Technologies Inc. strives to continually assure customer satisfaction by providing you with the best possible quality and price. Our goal and pledge is to provide reliable products and services, from the inception of an idea to the shipment of the finished product.