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SSMB plug to SSMB plug, RG 178 cable, 6"

Length 6"
Cable RG 178
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SSMB RF connectors are microminiature devices that provide repeatable electrical performance from DC to 3GHz. The standard mating design for SSMB series connectors are similar to SMB and SMC but with size reduced approximately one-third. This makes them ideal for use in confined areas where the use of wrenches is not practical. They are lightweight, easy to connect and disconnect, vibration-proof and highly reliable. They are best suited for use with cables in the range of .070" to .120" diameters, such as RG-178, RG-174, and RG-316. Because of their small-size and tight tolerance, finishes other than gold plating are not recommended. SSMB type connectors have gained wide acceptance and usage in military radio systems, where small size is needed for miniaturization but ruggedness and reliability are very important.